MindScout Mental Health Platform

Press Release – LFT Health Receives First Found Of Funding To Build MindScout

For Immediate Release

LFT Health has received its first round of funding to build a mental health platform called MindScout. The funds will allow LFT Health to continue to do user research, build the first minimum viable product (MVP) of the iOS and Android app and have a working Healthcare Portal.

CEO Jaime Bristow says “the funds are critical to completing our mission to find new and novel ways of treating mental health issues using tech. It allows our development team to move quicker and validate that we are building the right product”.

Adam Scroggin and Jaime Bristow

CTO Adam Scroggin says “this allows us to work on our proprietary Machine Learning prediction algorithm and demonstrate to Healthcare Professionals a working web portal. We will be able to help with reducing costs, digitizing the intake process and assist people with living their best lives”.

The Indiana Public Health Commission estimates that $885M is lost each year due to productivity losses caused by mental health issues. MindScout will radically reduce these costs by using novel ways to approach mental health treatment.

For more information, contact jaime.bristow @ lftsoftware.co